Mummy Loves You…..Always And Forever x


This is the photo of my tot’s,  that Jason held in front of me , during each day of my first round of Plasma Exchange in London Hospital.
We were so far from home, they were out of .my reach.  I couldn’t hold them, cuddle them or feel their soft little faces to kiss their cheek.
However,  this photo gave me hope , inspiration and strength.  Each day I would study their beautiful faces,  see love in their pure,  innocent eye’s. 
As the tears fell each day from the pain,  spasms and fear of the ghost Stiff Person Syndrome…….this photo saved me.
I  have kept this photo with me ever since London, taking it with me on each hospital admission. My tot’s are my soul purpose to keep fighting, they need their mummy,  but if the truth be told. ..
….I need them even more.

Mummy loves you xxx

4 thoughts on “Mummy Loves You…..Always And Forever x

    • My angelic sweet tots….gosh how i adore them. life is so magical, don’t you think?. Who would have thought after all the loss and heartach of Jay and i losing our babies , that we would finally be blessed with three of the most precious little life’s. that is why it is so important to me, to bet this monster of an illness. i need to be with my tots hunnie xx


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