Look What Happened Next….2nd Plasma Exchange, Fighting Stiff Person Syndrome x



This is me after my 2nd round of five days, three liter Plasma Exchange.
The result was incredible 🙂

After some confusion in 2013,   a treatment plan was composed by my consultant from London and my Neurologist that was taking care of me at my local hospital.

It was decided I would have another three rounds of five days, three liter Plasma Exchange 4-6 weeks apart. Followed by three rounds of IVIG spaced four weeks apart.  Then to take stock and consider Rituximab,  as long term management.

As you can see in the photo,  I had exceptional results from the 2nd Plasma Exchange in June 2012. This photo was taken at my beautiful cousin’s leaving celebration.  I still needed physical support,  but I did not need my wheelchair for very short distances.  I could listen to music,  enjoy being cacooned by my beautiful family. ……and the most magical thing of all, I danced to a song for the first time in four years.  Granted,  I had my girlys supporting me on each side of me. …..but I felt so free ….. I felt alive again.

It was like living my fairy tale once more……my nightmare was over,  I could not have been more wrong .


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