Watch “Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston sing…When you …” on YouTube

Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston sing…When you …:

Led here watching the clouds roll by, flashing images of memories before Stiff Person Syndrome……. experiencing this precise moment in time…..picturing my future. What I can see is pretty vivid, some things making me smile, others making me cry, and those that are making me fight harder than I ever have done in life.

This song holds much significance in my heart… was one of the last songs I heard my little lady perform before I became sick…..I haven’t been able to attend any of her shows since, due to the progression of the disease. I remember a single tear tickling down my cheek, as it is now while I write to you, I was over come with pride and love for my beautiful little girl. I absorbed the lyrics, that she sang with her heart and soul, and thought to myself……do miracles really happen ?

I look into the eyes of my three precious tots, and feel in a heartbeat, that of course miracles do happen, they do exist……as I have three standing before me, waiting for there mummy to get better 🙂

So, here I am, believing with all that I am, fighting with all the strength that I have … grasp tightly with both hands, never let go, never stop believing in myself…..because there are miracles, and one day soon I will be free from the claws of SPS xxx

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