Graduation Day. ….Chasing Rainbows ♡♡♡


Looking through old photographs,  smiling at the pictures that lay in front of me. One which caught my heart this moment,  was that of my graduation .
A day I will never forget,  filled with love, laughter and excitement with my family and close uni friends Louise,  Ria and Micky . I think it’s one of those milestones in life one never forgets.  Alot of happy memories,  that will stay with me forever. …..this was before Stiff Person Syndrome of course.  However,  it’s okay,  because many more treasured memories lay ahead, once I beat this disease.
I dream of completing my Master’s in Law as my future unfolds. …..and maybe a new graduation photo will  be looking back at me from my photo album 🙂

So many rainbows to chase. … many dreams still to fulfil,  which im sure I definitely will ♡♡♡

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