Such A Beautiful Birthday. …..Fighting Stiff Person Syndrome ♡♡♡


Even though my birthday was spent in bed… was such a beautiful day.  My tot’s and Jason were so sweet and treated me like a princess 🙂
Visitors were limited due to my response to extra stimuli … much noise,  movement,  unexpected touch. ….all traits of SPS which can cause me to spasm.
However,  my sister came to spend a little time with me…..I can’t believe how much jason,  lisa and I laughed,  it was wonderful. 
I dreamt that night of all the magical things I will be able to do with my tot’s on my next birthday. …After the HSCT of course.
I dreamt we were on the sea front,  twirling and splashing in the warm of the sea, laughter and smiles placing us in a bubble of happiness all of our very own.
I silently wished for my dream to come true the following morning when I awoke. ……..I wonder if it will ♡♡♡


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