I Love You Dad……..Forever Missed ♡♡♡


My dad has been sleeping with the angels for so very long.  In fact,  I was only a toddler when he died. ….but still I miss him everyday,  especially during my most painful of times,  when I am in spasm and the pain is so bad I cry for him to take the pain away.  I guess there is always that special bond with a dad and his daughter,  I wish he was here now, to help me through my tears of pain but also to share in my laughter and smiles.
Im blessed in one respect,  as my grampy loves me like a daughter,  supports,  encourages and help guides me whilst I fight the ghost.  He holds me tight and whispers everything is going to be okay……just like I know my dad would have done for me.
I love you dad……..I miss you ♡♡♡

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