The Kindness Of The Human Heart, Elevate…..Fighting Stiff Person Syndrome


The beauty of the human heart is seriously astounding.  So many precious souls standing by my side. ….even those with life challenges of their own.
I feel so blessed to mean so much to so many people who want to help, love and support me through my journey to achieving my dream. … get better and be a mummy to my beautiful tot’s one more.
I am particularly inspired by “Elevate” , a club for older children with learning disabilities,  who  so kindly have given their support and such a precious gift via their fundraising event.
I am deeply touched and honoured to be thought of so lovingly.
Thankyou Helen and all at Team Elevate for caring so much and being part of “Team One In A Million”


2 thoughts on “The Kindness Of The Human Heart, Elevate…..Fighting Stiff Person Syndrome

  1. Hi there, I just read your story. I’m originally from Wales and my Mum has a chronic condition so it really moved me. I’ve sent you a donation via PayPal, I am really sorry it can’t be more. Good luck in raising the money for your treatment: I’ll share the link around as widely as I can. Jo


    • Thank you so much Jo its really very kind of you to donate to help me along my rocky road ahead.
      Sharing the link would be a tremendous help, you are so very, very sweet. The more people that are aware of Stiff Person Syndrome, the more help and treatment will become available.
      I am deeply sorry to hear about you mum, please send her my love. My mum too is also very sick, and i know how you must feel to watch her struggle each day. I know, for me, it breaks my heart to know i am unable to help my mum right now.
      Please dont be sorry, you have done more than enough for me.
      Thank you sweetie
      sending much love to you and you mum
      Lindsay/ Nerri xxx


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