31 Heart’s Wearing My Snowflake Of Hope With Pride ♡♡♡



What an amazing day, only wish I was there to see it instead of hear about it…..However, I couldn’t be more proud 🙂
31 beautiful hearts from Pontypool United , participated in a sponsored  bike ride from Brecon to Pontypool. …..with my old school friend Chris Morris running along side them.
Why? For me…..to help me on my journey in obtaining the treatment I am so hopeful for,  the Stem Cell Transplant Procedure (HSCT)
My deepest gratitude to Joe Calzoghe and Enzo for signing a pair of boxing gloves to aid the fundraising event today.
I sincerely can not thank Paul Hicks enough, who has been an absolute diamond , alongside his beautiful  wife Kate and Team for organising and taking part in such an outstanding day. Further more. i would like to give my heartfelt thanks to Lloyd Burns (ex international Rugby player)  who also participated in this event  to support my campaign.

I truly feel humbled by each individual soul who showed their love and compassion for me today.

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