My Story Shared With Hope. …..The Mirror and Wales On Sunday ♡♡♡


Silently wishing with all my heart,  that sharing my story of my fight against Stiff Person Syndrome, will help raise awareness of this cruel disease , not only for myself…….but for every single beautiful soul who battles against the ghost  ♡♡♡

2 thoughts on “My Story Shared With Hope. …..The Mirror and Wales On Sunday ♡♡♡

  1. Lindsay your story broke my heart. I can’t imagine the reality behind the written words & video. How do you convey such a nightmare to those of us who get up out of bed each day and live our lives relatively freely? Your husband… So strong and so worthy of you – not a lot of men could walk this journey. You chose well! 🙂 And I do believe you will get there with him by your side. Your babies will grow into the most amazing adults – this life they are living right now will give them so much strength one day – altho I imagine they are already quite remarkable… You – you just keep fighting, keep talking, keep asking for help, keep posting videos… I shared on my fb page and donated what seemed like such a pathetic amount, but I am holding onto the belief that we’re all only 6 degrees away from ‘someone’ and I’m hoping that as one more person learns your story that that ‘someone’ who has the power/money to make a significant difference will hear… And if not – each of us with our small contributions will eventually help get you there. I will continue to follow your journey. I wish you so much love and healing. I wish I could do more… Xx


    • Ceeann
      you message is worth more than any amount of money anyone could possibly give. your love, kindness and empathy shines through…..and that is what makes me keep fighting. Such kind souls like yourself, are the ones who make a difference in my life. The impact of such heartfelt support, truly makes me feel so very fortunate 🙂
      your donation my darling is deeply appreciated, please don’t think it parenthetic at all. you gave what you could, and for that i am forever grateful.Every penny with holds its own magic my friend 🙂

      It certainly is a rocky road for myself and my family, but somehow Jason is hanging on in there. I am so different now, compared to the woman he married, the teenager he fell in love with. I feel so sorry for him, as not only has this stolen my dreams, but it has shattered Jason’s too.

      Our tot’s completely astonish me, they have learnt love, compassion and empathy…..not only for me, but for others to. They certainly are remarkable tots, and i dream of the day that i walk across the sea front with them again. No child should have to live this way
      much love and fairy hugs my friend xxx


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