Made With Love……Fighting Stiff Person Syndrome ♡


I am overwhelmed by the continual,  loving support of my family,  friends and surrounding community.  I feel so very blessed,  that so many individuals have me locked in their hearts .
I can honestly say,  I whisper a silent wish each day, thanking each and every kind heart that is helping me my fight against  the ghost of Stiff Person Syndrome,  and working so hard to help me raise £300.000.00 that I need for my Stem Cell Transplant procedure.
Such beautiful gifts are being made and sold during fundraising events. ….the photo above shows just a few.

One in a million beautiful card made for me by sweet Tanya Ireland ♡
Beautiful  Snowflake Of Hope bag charms made by precious Tracey Williams♡
Decorative spoons that I will hold close always,  given to me by my treasured tot’s♡
A beautifully engraved , wooden , One In A Million Plaque by talented Dale Rawlings♡

How beautiful and precious ♡♡♡


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