Captured The Vision Of The Thoughts In MY Heart. ….Fighting Stiff Person Syndrome x


Well my sweet peeps,  this is my official poster/flyers, including my Snowflake Of Hope in pride of place ♡
This is going to be used absolutely everywhere , to raise awareness for Stiff Person Syndrome…….but also to support my campaign in the hope of raising £300.000.00 for my stem cell transplant procedure.
I am going to write a section all about the HSCT procedure and Stiff Person Syndrome, to share as much as I can with you about this evil ghost.
I would like to thank Lauren Jones,  Abby Collins and Marshall Hicks Printers,  for  capturing the vision of my thoughts in my heart. …..utter perfection,  I love the design ♡♥♡


2 thoughts on “Captured The Vision Of The Thoughts In MY Heart. ….Fighting Stiff Person Syndrome x

  1. Lindsay my name is John Williams and I am the Secretary of Pisgah Baptist Church at Talywain.We have all been touched by your story and want to make a donation.Can you let me have your address please and I will drop a cheque off to you or, if you would prefer, I will put it in the post. I live at New Road, Garndiffaith


    • hi John.
      I don’t know what to say, thank you does not seem to be enough. Just to have your kind thoughts, love and prayers means so very much to me.
      I live very near by at 5 Coronation Terrace, Waterloo Rd. Talywain NP4 7HL
      my gratitude is indescribable, i am deeply touched by the sentiment from yourself and the church,.
      much love
      Lindsay/ Nerri x


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