My Precious Fairytale. ……Stolen By Stiff Person Syndrome x


I love you my JJ, Olivia-Beth, Mollie-Jai and Dylan. …..yesterday, today,  tomorrow, and for eternity

My precious fairytale,  stolen from me by the haunting ghost of Stiff Person Syndrome

So many precious memories I have missed. I wish I had the key to unlock and release them, to live them with you once more.
Behind my smile,  my soul is in shards.  Tears trickling down my face as I look into your eyes in this photograph.  Imagining,  wishing,  praying. ….that I could cuddle you and kiss you gently upon your soft cheeks. …..whispering ” I love you” . Instead,  I am cacooned in my bedroom in silence to help prevent further pain,  suffering,  muscle ripping possible bone snapping spasms.

My precious fairytale….I miss you ♡♥♡


4 thoughts on “My Precious Fairytale. ……Stolen By Stiff Person Syndrome x

    • thank you Natalie, its very kind of you to think of me. i will keep fighting and smiling, until i get the treatment i so desperately need. i must admit, i am not always strong, i do sob into my pillow at times, but then i look at the precious little faces in my life i have to fight foe,,,,,so i pick myself up and dust myself down , and keep on fighting. much love and
      fairy hugs , Nerri xxx


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