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I Miss You Miley Cyrus Lyrics:

My sister Lisa wrote to me…..along with this song “for all the times we had….for all the times we will again. …my Angel. …I miss you”

Lisa was here with me today (20/4/14), along with my precious nanny.
My tot’s were at an extraordinary fundraising event,  with their daddy.
… raise awareness of Stiff Person Syndrome and to help raise funds for my Stem Cell Transplant procedure. 
TALYWAIN RFC did a spectacular  fundraiser, raising over £400 for my gofundme account. My sincere gratitude to the team who worked so hard to make today a success and to all those sweet peeps who supported the event.  Each and every one of you has a heart of gold. ..thank you from the depth of my soul xxx

While my sister was here with me,  I had yet another bone crushing,  muscle ripping spasm.  Lisa held me in her arms and sang this song to me “I miss you”. I could feel her tears fall onto my cheek, as my tears trickled down the sides of my face. I could hear her voice,  singing the words over and over,  holding me,  not wanting to let me go. The unbearable contractions causing oxygen drops, choking from the spasm in my throat , preventing me from swallowing.
After an hour,  maybe more, my eyes opened with a slight tremor,  led in my sisters arms. She was still crying saying” I promise I will never let you go my Angel. …..I miss you”
How cruel this disease is, smashing to pieces the lives of those who love me so very much.
Lisa says I look so beautiful when I smile,  bless her loving heart.
My nanny was crying,  praying for the spasm to end.  How dreadful I feel,  hurting my family so badly. 
I have to beat this illness, there is no alternative.  I don’t want this disease to continue hurting my family. 
I will keep fighting , I  promise. ….and my precious Lisa…..I miss you too

With love from your baby sister xxx

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