My blue eyed princesses. …helping me fight Stiff Person Syndrome x


Have you ever heard of the Ragdoll breed?

I have three Ragdoll fur babes,  as you see in the photo.
For my friends that really know me, understand that my blue eyed princesses are a large part of my life.
This may seem strange to those who don’t know me, but my girls are with always.  Even though they have free roam of the house,  they are usually cuddled up on my bed with me, in the floppy traditional Ragdoll manner πŸ™‚
As I lay here now in the solitude of my four walls. ….I have three precious fur babies,  surrounding me with love and comfort.
So when my family is busy,  continuing their everyday life’s,  I have my blue eyed princesses to keep me company. I even began my own small Facebook page called Nerriberri Ragdollbabes Team,  as my personal Facebook was becoming over run with  pics of my sweet fur babies πŸ™‚

I first began with precious Hope,  she is a stunning blue point Ragdoll.  Jason bought her for me as a companion as I am alone so much.  Our daughter Olivia-Beth chose her for me, and im so very glad that she did. I named Hope for the obvious reason. ….this is what she means to me “Hope”. She is so sweet and intelligent,  Hope seems to understand when I am not well and literally sits on my chest to warn Jason that I am having problems breathing.  How I love her.

Due to being in hospital quite regularly at the time, and learning more about the breed,  it only felt right that we bought a companion for Hope while I was having treatment.  So we easily fell in love with beautiful Willow,  my lovable seal point Ragdoll.  It was the best decision I ever made,  as they have such a strong bond together.
However,  by this point,  I was besotted with the Ragdoll breed.  The docile, relaxed, quite loving nature. ….soft bunny like fur and the most exquisite blue eyes.
So now I have three precious girls,  as I fell in love with my princess Phoebe.  She is a seal tabby seal colourpoint and an absolute treasure.
Jason said he will buy me a bicolour traditional Ragdoll for being so brave with my treatment πŸ™‚ so that is something that I am really looking forward to.
My girls have certainly helped me to get through the darkest of days…..and those of you who have experienced the love of the Ragdoll,  will certainly understand what I mean xxx

I thought I would place an entry about my princesses,  as they are with me 24/7, I thought it might help you understand the person that I am.
I am thankful each and every day for my girls. …..I will sure love them forever xxx

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