Incredible School Support…Against Stiff Person Syndrome x


I am completely overwhelmed by the increase in support over this past week,  expecially from Victoria Primary School,  where my two youngest tot’s attend. …as did my eldest daughter before them.

This photo shows Jason,  Olivia-Beth, Mollie-Jai, Dylan and also Lisa my sister and my nephew Jacob. ….surrounded by the angel -faces of the school orchestra.

Victoria Primary School,  is the first to start fundraising for my treatment. ….except for my gofundme page http:// / 838nac. 

I am unsure of the total raised by this amazing heart felt school  full of commpasion and empathy,  from the youngest tot, to staff and parents, all demonstrating support for me. Even the little tiny tot’s are bringing in money from their piggy banks to try and help my tot’s mummy get better.  It is so bitter sweet.
I know Victoria Primary School is going to continue to raise funds through out the next few months.

This week has been a great success with my fundraising page, breaking the barrier of £4000 , just by donations given by people out of the kindness of their hearts. 
I am aware of a community fundraising event on the 20/4/14. This is taking place at Talywain rugby club.  Thankyou so much to all who are helping with this event.  You  have my love and sincere gratitude for all your efforts and kindness

My story has been printed in the local papers  three times this week.  Once in the South Wales Argus and twice in the Free Press.
In the article of the South Wales Argus,  there is a photo of jason and I, holding our daughter together for the first time.  It only feels like moments ago , her beautiful eyes met mine.  I was in complete awe of her, I just couldn’t believe jason and I had created someone so amazingly precious.  Olivia-Beth will be 13 years old next month. …..she is even more astonishing,  as she now becomes a young lady.  Each day she makes me proud to be her mummy,  as do Mollie-Jai and Dylan.

I only hope  the momentum continues.  However , I understand my next step is to take my story to the national paper’s and magazines.  It’s the only way my  voice will be heard.

I don’t want to suffer in silence for another moment xxx

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