Please, When Will The Pain End ??? (Part A)

On the (12/4/14) yesterday, I tried to explain how my spasms begin, what they feel like and how they progress.
This particular spasm is taken in eight snap shots. Part A is a section of me speaking, in the hope that you will somehow be able to follow this spasm with me. Imagine in your mind what i am trying to describe. In the videos, look closely at my muscles, how they cramp, stiffen, contract. though out the recordings, i suffer with oxygen drops, increased heart rate , due to the strain on my body and contracting muscles clenching around my heart and lungs. Its like my whole body is being crushed through an entire body workout…..but with out me voluntarily moving. It is the force of the spasm, that pushing and changes the contour of my body from the tip of my toe, to the top of my skull.
Swallowing is becoming increasingly difficult as my throat spasms, causing me to choke on my own salver . As the spasm continues, parts of my body go from being rigid and stiff, to floppy and limp like a ragdoll. This spasm lasted approximately two hours, which leads to my body going into a paralysis state, following uncontrollable sleep, which continued for a number of additional hours. Some parts we did not film , as Jason needed to concentrate on me directly.
As i have been completely honest with you, as i wish for you to understand,, i would also like to mention that , yes i do have blood on the back of my pyjama bottoms due to heavy blood loss during my period, the strength of the spasm causing a gush of blood. During such spasms, i have also lost control of my bladder.not only is Stiff Person Syndrome excruciatingly painful, it also robs one of all self dignity.

So, answer me this………please , when will the pain end???

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