Beautiful Sweet Angels……In Support Of Stiff Person Syndrome

This video was recorded by Jason on Friday the 11/4/14. This was organised by Victoria Primary School, which my two tiny tots attend also.
The sweet precious Angels from the school, including my beautiful nephew, played a number of musical pieces , in the loving attempt of raising awareness and funds for my course.
I am so touched and overwhelmed by the love, support and compassion of each child, parent, member of staff and of course the head teacher.
My husband said that whilst the orchestra played, flyers were distributed , in the hope to enhance my voice being heard , in my cry for help.
The momentum from Victoria School has been somewhat amazing and extraordinary, in my attempt to fight to get well again.
I would like to thank each and every kind hearted person, whether it be a child or adult, for having such beautiful kind hearts, and supporting myself and my family through this very difficult time… have my sincere gratitude and heartfelt appreciation for the continual support you each show through you actions, messages, events and wonderfulness incredible positivity.
Jason told me that the photographer from the South Wales Argus and Free Press, was also present, taking photos of such beautiful angels. I look forward to seeing the final article.
I wish i could have been present on this beautiful day, soaking up sweet smiles from the children and hearing them play from their heart for me. Unfortunately, all i am able to do, is watch the video footage from my bed. It is wondrous to see the school grounds again in the video, as i to attend Victoria Primary School as a small child. I guess that’s why , i lay here, with tears stinging my face, as i can clearly picture in my mind, so many happy memories i have as a pupil of this magnificent school. I see my sister and i running in the yard without a care in the world, playing tag, rounders…..even hiding under the arches from the rain.
But the most difficult memories, are those of me as a mummy, taking and picking up my sweet Livvy from school. Obviously, Mollie was not even two years old, her little hand holding mine tight and my beautiful new born son cuddled up in his pram. I remember Livvy always running to me at the end of her school day, kissing her baby brother and sister, and i twirled her around laughing together, whispering gently “i love you my angel-face Livvy” ………these precious moments are what i miss the most.

I wish with all my heart, to be the mummy i used to be…….maybe my wish will come true one day xxx


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