2 thoughts on “Free Press – Talywain mum fighting one in a million condition

  1. Nerri I was in school with Lisa and remember you very well, I can’t believe this Hun , you are being so strong!
    I had an idea. Have you ever heard of the news site reddit? If not it has hundreds if subreddits or subjects you can go to to read different things, it’s really good and I spend far too long on it.
    Anyway, the reason I mention this is that one of their subreddits is called AMA or IAMA, which stands for ask me anything, or I am a etc etc. Over the past year I have seen amazing amounts being raised by people posting on here. They tell their stories, answer questions about what’s going on etc and the people of reddit not only comment and question but also share your story. In the past stories have gone worldwide and big amounts have been raised.
    What do you think? I’m more than willing to help you with this but from your posts I know you already have an amazing support system. Give it a look Hun, read the stories and donations that have gone before.
    You have no idea how much I hope this will work.
    Much love
    Jo (Walker )


  2. hi Jo, thank you sweetie, i think i have just picked up your message Via Pm 🙂 im defiantly going to try and take a look. however, any help you can give, in the way of advice would such a big help Jo.
    much love Nerri
    p.s, i hope they were all good memories of me from school lol xxx


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