My Childhood Sweetheart….My Husband x


I was living my fairy tale…..if  only I could turn back time , just  for a moment xxx

I met Jason when I was twelve years old.  I was with my friends in a picturesque park near home.  I looked up, and there he was. …for a split second we caught each other’s gaze, but quickly looked away.  It was at that moment,  I new jason would be someone special in my life.
We grew up together, he was my trusting friend,  and I his.
I can close my eyes and see him now. ..the first time he kissed me.  I still remember the way he looked at me and gently brushed my cheek….he still gives me the same look now.
Whe had so many hopes,  dreams,  aspirations we wished to fulfil.  I as a solicitor and jason having his own driving school business.
But our dreams have been burnt like paper to a flame because Stiff Person Syndrome rared it’s ugly head.
We always said we would like to renew our wedding vows on our 10th wedding anniversary. ….it will be 10 years this November. I am led here thinking,  what if the angels take me before then?

Jason, I love you for the boy that you were and the man that you have become.
You make me shine with pride, when I see what an amazing daddy you are to our three precious tot’s.
When you hold me I know im safe,  it’s a feeling of belonging and knowing you are still my best friend
But most of all, when you look me in the eye’s and brush your hand gently across my cheek, just like you did when we were teenagers. …..I know you are saying “Angel,  im in love with you” with out uttering a word

I wish it was in my power,  to give you back the woman you married. … matter what , I will forever love you my JJ


4 thoughts on “My Childhood Sweetheart….My Husband x

    • Hey beautiful Becky
      I was led in bed, staring at our photo. As you know, this illness has had devastating effects in all areas of my life. But one thing I do know, jay will always love me, no matter what


  1. Your so right there hunnie.he is amazing. Its a beautiful photo. .you are going through so much at the moment .I really hope now yr story is getting out there you will get the help you so so and hugs xxxxxx


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