Mum….I don’t want to lose you x

Mum....I don't want to lose you x

My name is Olivia-Beth Clarke (or Livvy as everyone calls me) I am 12 years old and I don’t want to lose my mum to this horrible illness, Stiff Person Syndrome.
It was in 2009 when things started to go downhill. Mum was having to stay in bed and would start to lose her ability to do certain everyday things. She had to stop coming to see me swim, or coming on family outings and we had to start doing shopping online as she couldn’t make it out. It was horrible watching her lose her independence and ability more and more by the day. Eventually she became bed bound. I wish I could say she was doing a lot better…but then I’d be lying. She is a lot worse than what she used to be. She needs this treatment, and fast..I’m scared she’s not going to make it. So please help and donate, it would be much appreciated by all of us! I just want my old mum back, and you can make a difference.
Much love,
Livvy xxx


2 thoughts on “Mum….I don’t want to lose you x

  1. U r such an amazing strong lil girl who makes ur parents so proud.. we will get this money to help ur mum. Lots of love to u all.


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