” Precious Baby Sister”……Fighting Stiff Person Syndrome x


” Do you want to build a snowman? …..closing eyes tight precious baby sister……and wishing the same wish over and over again,  holding my wand tighter. …..just wishing one day we will wake up in our matching jym jams again…..looking into your eye’s and smiling. …..I love you. ….holding you tight…..I kiss you goodnight”

My beautiful big sister sent me this message last night.  Remember , I told you that Lisa was like the other half to my heart?  just as I am the other half to her heart.
It’s soul destroying,  that Stiff Person Syndrome has not just stolen my life, without permission to do so…..but it has robbed Lisa of her baby sister, my tot’s of their mummy,  my husband of his wife, my mum of her daughter,  my nanny and grampy of their granddaughter,  and my friends of their best friend.
How cruel this illness is…..shattering my life like a smashed mirror,  along with all the life’s of the people who love me so much also.
My eyes stinging with tears,  remembering what my life was like, before Stiff Person Syndrome. ……before I became trapped,  imprisoned in my own body.

Yes my precious big sister,  I wish to  build a snowman with you again one day…..I love you Lisa xxx


4 thoughts on “” Precious Baby Sister”……Fighting Stiff Person Syndrome x

    • sweet Kelly, how i love you my darling. you, Lisa and myself could certainly pass as sisters……our hearts feel each others pain.
      thank you for your magic dust, im sort of running a little low right now xxx


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