I Wish I Had A Magic Wand To Take The Pain Away……Stiff Person Syndrome (part 6) X

Snap shot 6, my eyes finally released from the spasm, but they were rolling back and a tremor in my eye lids was affecting my vision. If you notice, jay is trying to quite firmly hold my eyelids down, in an attempt to ease the tremor and regain my focus as i was not able to see him.
My nerve signals from my brain were still misfiring and leaving me with hardly any control over my body. So it was a case of waiting out the rest of my spasm. I generally go very limp as my episode comes to an end , in contrast to where my body felt like it was made of iron rods. This is why Jason refers to me being like a “ragdoll” , all limp and floppy. during this, the situation can get a little scary for Jay as this is generally when i go very still, limp and stop breathing. He looks very carefully for all the signs of cyonosis, as this is a problem that occurs sometimes. He knows when the paramedics are required.

my body is left in what i would describe as very similar to paralysis.
my speech still hasn’t returned to normal, but over the next few hours , i was no longer speaking with a stutter or sluing.


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