I Wish I Had A Magic Wand To Take The Pain Away……Stiff Person Syndrome (part 4)

This is the most excruciating pain i experience during a spasm. my skull literally feels like it is being crushed, fracturing, breaking. look at my face, every muscle is affected, it shows in my skin, especially the cramping in my forehead. I can manage most things during a spasm episode, but when my head and face are contracting,with such server force, it is the worst pain imaginable. its like someone putting my head in a vice and turning the handle until my skull shatters.

What upsets me personally about watching this particular clip, is that i am begging for my dad to make the pain stop…..my dad past away when i was just a toddler. At this moment, the tears are slowing trickling down my face…..i wish i had a magic wand to make the pain go away.

As you can see, as you continue to watch, this spasm is far from over xxx


2 thoughts on “I Wish I Had A Magic Wand To Take The Pain Away……Stiff Person Syndrome (part 4)

  1. Nerri I feel your pain, I understand how unbearable it is. I am in tears writing this, for you, for Jay, your tots, myself, my Keith,my children. As distressing as this is you are right to share it. I have a book published telling my story…..we need to raise awareness. You have a wonderful husband in Jay as do I with my Keith. Hang in there Nerri!! You are a strong person!!

    My book is One in a million by Jacqui Atkinson available from Amazon if it will help you or Jay.
    Gentle hugs xxx


    • hi sweet Jac
      i didn’t realise you have written a book about this horrendous illness. i will certainly be purchasing it today online. i pray it will somehow help. gosh you are amazing that you found the strength to become an author. i get so fatigued, so cognitively challenged , i don’t think i would have the capability to do so. i admire, respect and i am grateful, for you writing and getting you book published about this life stealing illness. raising awareness is imperative, as stiff person syndrome is so rare, hardly anyone knows about it.
      so you and i share the same burning tears….i am so sorry you have to endure this illness too, also Keith and you children. my heart goes out to you all. if in anyway i can help, i am here for you too. thank you for your kindness
      much love
      nerri xxx


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