I Wish I had a Magic Wand To Take The Pain Away…….Stiff Person Syndrome (part 2)

Okay my sweet peeps, this is part 2 out of 7, of the snap shots of my day that i chose to share with you.
In this particular clip, Jason focused on my blood pressure and oxygen levels. I don’t have a clue what is going on , as my eyes are clenched shut, by the spasm attacking my facial muscles. However, now i have watched the quick snap shot myself, i can see why Jason was so concerned. My BP hitting 219 and my oxygen levels still only at 87% whilst being administered 6 liters of o2.
If you study the clip, you can see my back arching, being forced to do so by the spasm. In turn, causing increased pressure on my heart and lungs…..im literally being crashed by server clenching muscular spams inside my body. As my back is forced to arch, my neck is pushed backwards , making it feel like it is going to snap. The pain is excruciating,, i can only feel what is going on inside, as at this point, i couldn’t communicate with Jason, as my throat was in spasm, my jaw locked. As you can see , the spasm attacked my hands harshly, Jay tried to release the pain by gentle massage . Once my hand starts to release into a claw like manor, it relaxes successfully, but only for a moment, as my hand and arm begin to tremor and then in an instant , it clenches again due to the strength of the spasm.

i have experienced a spasm so strong in the past in my jaw , that my tooth was dis-lined. There was so much blood, the doctor that was called, thought my tooth had been knocked out due to my teeth being so tightly grinned together. This snap shot shows the locking of my jaw and the being of me choking. Hence the resason Jay stop filming xxx


2 thoughts on “I Wish I had a Magic Wand To Take The Pain Away…….Stiff Person Syndrome (part 2)

    • Yes you are right sweetie, Jason does tend to need to more the probe around pretty frequently. My respiratory system doesn’t reboot itself, so we have a protocol to follow.
      I will say a secret wish for your husband. .
      ….im so sorry he feels the pain of SPS too xxx


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