Fighting Back…..Intravenous Immunoglobulin (IVIG)


I fought back with heart and soul, trying to regain strength after the horrendous consequences of my fourth Plasma Exchange.
I was given Intravenous Immunoglobulin in October,  November and December in 2013. This enabled me to attend the wedding of two people who mean the absolute world to me.  It would have broken my heart if was not able to witness them looking into each other’s eye’s,  pledging their love to each other.  (Yes I am definitely a princess,  living in a fairy tale lol)

The photo above is of me on this precious day with the other half of my heart. ….my beautiful sister Lisa.  She somehow always manages to cradle me with love ,  in an indescribable way.  Lisa is like pure magic.  I guess it stems from when we were children.  Our dad died when we were just toddles,  so I grew up with just my precious mum and siter, always protecting me, as I was the “baby” of the family.

Lisa and I were inseparable,  we would do everything together. …from picking Daisy’ s together as infants. ….to in our 20s , going out for lunch,  being pampered in the salon,  and shoe shopping being an all time favourite (a girl can never have to many pairs of shoes, so my sister said) 🙂 However,  this is all a distant memory now. Instead, I can no longer where pretty shoes,  go out for lunch,  walk along the beach to have our weekly drama wash over us.  Instead,  Lisa helps me in the bathroom,  looks after me during a spasm, when Jason has been called out for something that needs his attendance. At the end of a spasm,  as  I begin to focus again and see the out line of her face. …I hear her singing softly “do you want to build a snow man” by frozen.  Lisa says the lyrics remind her of us when we were young 😉

My promise to you my precious sister. ……one day, when I recieve the treatment I need……… we will build a snowman together again xxx

Always on my mind, forever in my heart. …….I love you Lisa xxx


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