Disaster Struck…..fighting Stiff Person Syndrome x


In September 2013 I was given my fourth round of Plasma exchange. ……my whole world broken into pieces.  I suffered Cardiac failure.

Something felt different this time. It took several attempts to gain good access for my central line.  The main vien in my neck kept collapsing.  After a number of attempts of trying to put it in my neck, the final attempt was just under my collar bone. I was thankful that the medical team managed to gain access so I could continue my treatment
However,  the central line was causing problems,  the position not as adequate as it should be. Even one of the neurorologist questioned it’s positioning.  However,  I fought my way through my treatment,  as I secretly hoped for beautiful times ahead.  But the line position was causing to much strain on my body,  pressing against my vessel wall. My spasms were increasing as my body was under to much strain. However,  I kept fighting until it was time for the line to be removed.  That’s when disaster struck. Blood was pouring from my nose,  mouth and from the central line opening.
The last thing I can remember was begging the ICU team not to let me die.
A doctor was trying to gain access to my veins through my hands,  arms and feet. Then I heard the doctor shouting to find a private cubical,  he was losing me, my body shutting down. 

This incident affected my body dramatically leaving me fighting for my life.


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