A Precious Gift x


This will remain sketched upon my heart forever and always. …..such a precious gift.

My little lady Olivia-Beth,   or Livvy as she prefers,  is almost 13 years old, she is mine and Jason’s eldest daughter.  Gosh how I adore her. It only seems like yesterday she was placed in my arms for the very first time.  When her eyes met mine ,  I didn’t want the magical moment to end

Throughout my deterioration of fighting Stiff Person Syndrome,  Livvy has been an amazing little lady.  Helping me wash, making me a drink or a light snack, whilst her daddy is busy with her little brother and sister. I worry at times that I am a burden,  crushing her childhood,  but when I ask her softly if she is okay.  Livvy looks at me with the same magical eyes, and always says “of course mummy,  it makes me happy helping you , i love you” and wraps her arms around me gently.

Such a precious gift …..the gift of heartfelt words and love just for me, her mummy

I love you Livvy x


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